Clones debut show!

March 8, 2009

On Thursday 5th March I headed down to a surprisingly rammed Bull & Gate in Kentish Town to check out hot new London rock outfit Clones first ever show. There’s an air of mystery about these guys: their myspace page is still relatively embryonic, with just the one rough bedroom demo to go on, and the show wasn’t overly hyped-up, so I had no idea what to expect. That said, the atmosphere was electric and the crowd (most of whom had come for Clones) waited in impatient anticipation for the rockers to appear onstage.

The walk-on track was an ominous synth-infused number with a prominent heart-beat sound which seemed to portray the collective heart-beat of the eagerly waiting fans. Then Clones made their entrance… and what an entrance. The opening instrumental track, Attack of the Dead, was essentially a metal track that displayed the raw musical talent of the band who ripped through the song at breakneck speed delivering screaming guitar solos courtesy of lead guitarist and vocalist Matt. The rest of the set was delivered with a similar ferocity, though this was undoubtedly the heaviest track. Tunes such as Different Times and Strangest Life offered a pop sensibility while still maintaining an underlying rock feel, reminiscent of The Foo Fighters. Singer Matt’s Grohl-esque growl definitely added to that feel.

In general this was a great performance and a fantastic way to break onto what can seem a hostile scene. The set was characterised by clever guitar licks, heavy distortion, driving guttural bass-lines and a beast of a drummer bashing seven shades of shit out of his kit (to the extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still pulling bits of the floor-tom out of the floorboards for the next gig), underpinned by subtle but clever key sounds by the manic Josh, who at times also provided backing vocals through a megaphone. There’s definitely potential in the song-writing as well, and Different Times in particular is an anthemic, sing-along ode to pop/rock almost fit for stadiums.

It wasn’t perfect: there were a few sloppy moments and some of the between-song banter was perhaps a little drawn out, but the crowd loved it, and for a first show I was impressed. There’s more to come from these guys so keep checking their myspace page for more tracks!

Who For: fans of Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon


2 Responses to “Clones debut show!”

  1. Tim the Talbot said

    Loving the writing Mr Wren.

    I think we should go see Japanese Voyeurs + Little Death + Dinosaur Pile-Up on 16th March. Is it a date?

  2. Mattie said

    Nice one man! I’ll make sure I get you a copy of our EP when it’s done. Should be ready in a month!

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