Tiger Lou

March 11, 2009

Right click and open in new tab to listen while reading: Tiger Lou – The Less You Have To Carry

Tiger Lou

What is it about Scandinavian bands producing ambient post-rock characterised by sweeping, atmospheric soundscapes? Post-rock / Progressive outfits hailing from Scandinavia, such as Jeniferever and Sigur Ros, seem to feed off of their beautiful, mountainous surroundings, writing vast and tumultuous tracks, juxtaposing driving drum beats with ambient atmospheric guitars and keys.

And then there’s Tiger Lou..

Tracks such as The More You Give and The Less You Have To Carry are epic, featuring pounding bass drums; syncopated snare hits; and almost tribal rhythms played out on the toms. Meanwhile ambient guitar licks are drowned in reverb and delay and haunting synth lines send shivers down the spine. Both tracks are slow building, ominous prog tracks reminiscent of Lateralus-era Tool.

Post-rock soundscapes isn’t the limit for Tiger Lou though, and So Demure is a high-tempo alternative rock number not so dissimilar to This Et Al’s more mainstream work. Meanwhile Crushed By A Crowd and Coalitions are full of accessible hooks, displaying a catchy pop sensibility almost reminiscent of Goth-pop band The Rasmus.

I was speaking to an experienced A&R man the other day, and he put forward the case that to make it in music a band must have fantastic songs and a fantastic story. While the ‘poppier’ Tiger Lou songs may seem immediately accessible, it is perhaps the progressive and experimental tracks that will keep you coming back for more. They are the kind of track that grow on you. A seed of genius is planted in your brain at first listen and while you may not quite realise it, with each play of each track that seed flourishes.

That said it is perhaps the story behind Tiger Lou that really stands out. Because Tiger Lou is in fact just one man. Though the project’s founder, Rasmus Kellerman, is supported live by a full band, on his albums he is the sole song-writer, singer and instrumentalist. Ok, so it’s not completely unique. Patrick Wolf is cited as being able to play over 16 instruments, while Imogen Heap wrote, recorded and produced her 2005 record Speak For Yourself all alone. Tiger Lou is an incredibly impressive project all the same, displaying a diversity and musicality rivalled by very few, and, if only out of interest and intrigue, Kellerman‘s blend of post-rock, prog and pop is definitely something you should be checking out!

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tigerlou

Tour Dates: http://www.tigerlou.net/livedates.asp

Genre: Post-Rock / Prog / Pop

Who For: Fans of Tool, Brand New, Jeniferever


3 Responses to “Tiger Lou”

  1. DDT said

    Sic review…just got my 2nd disc in the mail yesterday. Can’t wait to listen to Jeniferever, going to Pandora them now. And you were right, i was hooked by a pop-y song, bought the disc and liked better.

    • asherwren said

      Glad you like the review. Did you check out Jeniferever. The song I had in mind in particular when comparing them with Tiger Lou is called ‘From Across The Sea’. It’s brilliant, did you come across it?

  2. Andrew said

    Somewhat predictably, my favourite tracks were the more “poppy” Coalitions and Crushed … Need to brush up my heavy rock credentials.

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