Animal Kingdom: Live Review

March 13, 2009

Right click and open in new tab for video of Animal Kingdom performing Tin Man from a skip in the courtyard of the MAMA Group building:

Animal Kingdom


Last week Animal Kingdom, formerly The Sofa Club, graced the courtyard of the Great Escape Festival offices where I work with an impromptu live performance. The Indie-quartet went to great lengths to recreate perfectly their recorded work, and the airy reverb / delay-drenched ambience that characterises tracks such as Tin Man and Chalk Stars was replicated quite innovatively by choosing a skip for a stage. Dont adjust your screen: you read correctly, and amazingly the acoustics inside the above mentioned skip were really quite good, and the effect was an ethereal, enchanting performance.

The first of the two tracks Animal Kingdom wowed the few onlookers with, Good Morning Mr. Magpie, was a steady, high-tempo, up-beat Indie track. The track is accessible and catchy enough, with a Kooks-esque swagger in the strum-pattern of the guitars and the drum-beat, but it is definitely the second track Tin Man that sets the band apart from the fey, indie-boy pop drivel  that we hear far too much of. Busted-toy sounding casio keys play melancholic descending progressions over rhythm and lead acoustic guitars, and tribal percussion. Over all of this the fragile, ernest vocals of frontman Richard Sauberlich spin a tale of  suffering, loneliness, and loveloss.

Haunting, sincere, endearingly vulnerable, whilst still maintaining a pop sensibility, it’s no wonder that Animal Kingdom have been chosen to support Snow Patrol at the O2 Arena on the 14th and 16th of March.

Genre: Indie / Pop

Who For: Fans of Radiohead / Snow Patrol / Ambulance Ltd.


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