The Do, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Crystal Antlers

March 26, 2009

The Do: This beautiful little two-piece is comprised of multi-instrumentalist Dan Levy and the half French, half Finnish, guitarist and vocalist Olivia B.Merilahti. These guys were another band I was lucky enough to catch playing in the courtyard of our offices for Fly TV and as soon as the video is online I will put it up. Live, they are accompanied by percussionist Jose Joyette, whose tribal rhythms hammered out on a large African drum formed the platform over which Merilahti lazily meandered through a melancholy chord progression in a swaying, see-saw, folk strum pattern for On My Shoulders. Meanwhile Merilahti‘s vocals eerily hovered over the arrangement in a hauntingly fragile way, displaying a childish yet endearing vulnerability to the stunning vocalist.

Levy‘s contribution was predominantly supplying an irregular and slightly disjointed backing dance and backing vocals until the second track The Bridge Is Broken began. This second track retains the melancholic and haunting vocal meandering of Merilahti but with an all round funkier sway to the rhythm and strum pattern. Meanwhile Levy produced a set of walkie talkies, with which he managed to create a rudimentary vocoder by singing backing vocals into one with his back to the camera, holding the receiver up for all to hear. While he wasn’t singing into them, Levy used the walki-talkies to create a theramin effect: holding the two receivers together and moving them about to create a tune out of the static and feedback. This was a clever, entertaining but most importantly beneficial addition to the line-up: not just a stunt for novelty’s sake.

The Do are a unique folk / indie / pop experience, who benefit from their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds as well as their innovative approach to creating music and performing.

Check them out at:


We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised Jetpacks  – We Were Promised Jetpacks have the best name in show business. Their music doesn’t disappoint. Hailing from Glasgow, a seriously exciting city to be in right now for music, these boys have a fair amount of competition. However they hold their own, writing their own brand of high-tempo melodic rock anthems in Quiet Little Voices and Moving Clocks Run Slow, which are guaranteed to get your head banging. Meanwhile Keeping Warm is a pleasant reminder of the sanctity of life, sung with a romantic sensibility that really benefits from frontman Adam Thompson’s Glaswegian drawl. This is Pop-hook laden Rock, garnished with dance-beats and jagged guitars, and a bit rough around the edges.. like some kind of unpolished Goo Goo Dolls mixed with This Et Al. and at times drawing from the vocal antics of The Futureheads.

We Were Promised Jetpacks are set to have a seriously big year. They played three sets at South By South West, and are now about to embark on a UK tour.

Check them out:


Crystal Antlers


Crystal Antlers – Hailing from Long Beach, Psychedelic Noise Rockers Crystal Antlers create Lo-Fi tunes full of busted guitar amp fuzz, heavy distortion, booming bass and near-inaudible drums. At times displaying the quirky pop sounds of some kind of Lo-Fi Hot Hot Heat; at other times bursting into blues repetition with screaming guitar solos reminiscent of Zeppelin; and occasionally throwing into the mix the time-sig bending polyrhythms and experimentalism of The Mars Volta or At The Drive In: these guys are definitely bringing some original sounds, and might just be the band that accompanies your summer!

Check them out:




2 Responses to “The Do, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Crystal Antlers”

  1. DDT said

    THE DO – Too eerie, too fragile for me.
    JETPACKS – I’m in, where do i get my Pack? Can i get more than just 3 songs anywhere online? I’ve all ready had 2 helpings of their FB tracks.
    ANTLERS – Being a Long Beach State Graduate makes this tough, but, i hate to say that maybe some experiments should never have happened, like the A-Bomb.

  2. Asher said

    You can check out one more track – Ships With Holes Will Sink – here:

    Their album is out later this year I think so watch this space!

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