Jeuce – Soon to be making DJs redundant near you!

March 30, 2009


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Right click and ‘open in new tab’ to listen while reading: Jeuce – Get.Sound.Sexy

Last week I road-tripped  it up to the frozen North to my favourite city, Leeds, and my favourite venue ever, The Cockpit. This is my spiritual home: a place full of fantastic memories of playing, and watching fantastic shows. Jeuce‘s epic live Dance set rivalled even the best memory I have of The Cockpit and was well worth the 6 hour round trip.

As a full band (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Samples, Synths, Vocals) performing live Dance music, Jeuce are a bit of a rarity, and an exciting prospect for fans of Dance music and all of its sub-genres. And the set flowed flawlessly, with processed beats and samples looping throughout to ensure effortless and seamless transitions between songs. Meanwhile jagged, indie-style guitar work,  phat basslines, and a seriously tight drummer formed the platform over which part MC, part singer / lyricist par excellence Josh spat urban poetry.

There is no doubt about the Dance routes of the band members, but this is seriously accessible to fans of Rock and Pop too, and at no point did Jeuce seem out of place in what is traditionally considered a Rock venue. The fact is that over the Dance undertones provided by a drum machine, synths and sampler combination, there are ridiculously accessible and catchy Pop-Rock hooks in the guitar work and vocal melodies.

Sure there are some comparisons to be made here, but Jeuce do stand out. The Electric City for example are a Dance/Rock band, but with the emphasis more routed in rock, while Hadouken! are similar but dirtier, grimier, and less obviously accessible and polished. Jeuce therefore are a unique Dance experience, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become the first full-band taking the place of DJs on big nights at big clubs.


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