Review Feedback and News!

April 2, 2009

This is an awesome shot, taken by the multi-talented Casey Glasson. Click image to check out his brilliant blog:

© Casey Glasson 2009

© Casey Glasson 2009

I’ve had a few replies from some of the bands I’ve written about and I thought it might be cool to share some of the comments with you guys. Some are fairly standard but some are slightly more.. colourful!

Look See Proof: The review is really good man! I will post a link now =] Jaime

Tiger Lou: Thanks man! It means a lot! R.

Animal Kingdom: Nice one, cheers fella, will check check it out.

Japanese Voyeurs: Hi Ash thanks for that- weve put a link up in our blog.

.. oh and my favourite of all, from The Dykeenies:

Cheers for the review dude! I’ll pass it on to our press…and p.s. im the coolest fucker in that town so tell whoever slated me they can bite mine and your purple heads or if they dont feel like doing that they can just fuck off! Ha nice one though slick!

B x


And Now For The News:

I have been slaving away at my Myspace page to make it look sexy and informative. It’s got a few videos up and also has an epic media player boshing out about 25 top tunes that I’m listening to at the moment. I find that it’s quite nice to have on in the background while I’m working.. but then I would cos I picked the music. Anyway, if you’re on myspace add me! There’s a link on the side panel =]


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