Phantom – Watch this space.

April 22, 2009



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Phantom – Contrary

Phantom – There’s nothing to be found on these guys anywhere on the web. There’s always something exciting about coming across a band noone seems to know anything about, and whose identity is completely unavailable online. There’s no information on who these guys are, and no pictures. Not only does this allow you to feel like you might have stumbled across an otherwise undiscovered little gem of a band, it also allows you to focus solely on the music, unhindered by image or reputation. I am really excited about Phantom, and I hope that they’re one of those outfits where you can look back and say ‘Yeh, I spotted that..’.

If you can kind of imagine a darker and more foreboding Bloc Party, retaining the dance beat and strained soulful vocals.. meets a slightly more Pop-hooky This Et Al, complete with guitar-wank pomp and show, ambient and ethereal guitar licks and apocalyptic drum work, then you’ve just about got the concept of Phantom. Dance Rock meets Experimentalism meets Indie meets Soul equals genius! Check them out.


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