Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Jeuce Rework)

May 1, 2009

Right click and open in a new window to listen to this awesome Jeuce Rework: Hide And Seek – Jeuce Rework

Liam of Jeuce (Live)

Liam of Jeuce (Live)

(Click the image to head on down to Jeuce’s Myspace for more incredible Reworks and Originals)

This is fucking ace. Imogen Heap’s Hide And Seek is an awesome track, and a well covered one. Fightstar, recently covered it, adding very little, as a B-side. This Jeuce rework on the other hand shows the track in a totally different light. Who would have thought that such a melancholy, sparse and slow quirky-girl-pop synth/vocal ballad could be turned into such an enormous club track? When the beat drops; the processed drums and sampled high frequency hand clap / rim shot sound kicks; the delicate synthesized ivory sound hovers and the bass booms making the floor boards quake.. it’s kinda hard to imagine this as anything other than an end of night floor-filler, like Underworld’s Born Slippy.


Any thoughts?


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