May 11, 2009

Shell Beach - Click For Myspace

Shell Beach - Click For Myspace


Ever wondered what Hungarian Screamo might sound like..? No me neither.. But I came across this little Emo gem Shell Beach while sifting through various online applications for The Great Escape Festival. These guys didn’t really fit with the aesthetic of the event and as such we didn’t give them too much thought, but that said they are definitely worth a listen if you’re into your Flood Of Red, Bullet For My Valentine, We Are The OceanThe Blackout, Fei Comodo and the like. Tracks like Stendhal Syndrome display chugging metal guitar power chord progressions a la Bullet, and distorted and melodic whirlwind riff-work that you might associate with the Flood boys. Meanwhile tracks such as Are We Ok? drift effortlessly between Pop-Punk verses with typically Punk beats and vocal melodies, and Screamo choruses.

At times the production is tinny and substandard, and front man Totik Zoli can seem more comfortable screaming: his singing voice is comparable to the hollow tones of Ian Watkins. That said the tracks themselves hold up: they’re entertaining and at the very least display some excellent guitar work, and aside from all else it’s interesting to see how Hungary does Emo.


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