May 18, 2009

The Great Escape Team Winding Down In Brighton

The Great Escape Team Winding Down In Brighton


I survived The Great Escape! A gruelling 3 days of 16 hour shifts, 20 hour days, way too much drinking, a few too many gigs and fuckloads of fun. Don’t believe me? As proof that I survived here’s a picture of The Great Escape team, minus a few very important members unfortunately, winding down on the sea front looking (I hope they dont mind if I speak for all of us) bedraggled, shaken, exhausted and essentially like death. I’m the one looking (allegedly) like a raver from 1992 in the red sunnies, and seemingly requiring the help of the table to support my own weight.

A few highlights for me: repping and booking 2 shows (a stressful but ultimately fun surprise sprung on me on the day); Dan Mangan, an incredible Folk-Pop singer-songwriter, getting his entire audience bar noone to sing-along, clap and stomp to the chorus of Robots, (no mean feat when we’re talking about an industry festival); Nikki from Big Brother complaining to our festival staff that she had drunk too much energy drink and was having heart palpitations; meeting Sam Duckworth aka  Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (what a hero!); Dananananaykroyd making a hole in the ceiling at the hotel venue; and the brilliant Astro Firs taking on two new directions… Stand up comedy and acoustic sets… in one go. Amazing!

More in-depth chat about The Great Escape Festival to come!


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