Toot Toot

July 23, 2009

Master Shortie

Master Shortie

I don’t like to blow my horn.. or ring my own bell for that matter. But in this case… toot toots and ding dongs are in order. On the 22nd of April I wrote a lil’ somefing-somefing about up-and-coming Urban acts, including a short and sweet blurb about this dude Master Shortie – rapper and entrepreneur extraordinaire whose brand of cock-sure Indie-Rap is really starting to turn heads, shake hips and tap toes. So much so in fact that he has been getting a lot of heat on national radio; is currently Myspace’s featured artist; and will be playing at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. You heard it here first people… Toot!


Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott


Ok it’d be bold of me to claim that I spotted this one. On the 10th of June I talked Pixie up big style and about a week later she was the hottest thing in the charts, with Mama Do reaching the dizzy heights of number 1, and my little site was raking in around 300 people a day looking for info on all things Pixie.. presumably because there weren’t many other sites picking up on this talented and stunning Pop-Soulstress.. Cheers Pixie!

Enough of all this bragging and boasting though.. I really began this little article to point you in the direction of two more effortlessly talented songstresses who just happened to remind me of the Pixie Lott success story.


Felicity Kaya

Felicity Kaya


18 year old Felicity Kaya blends Jazz, Pop, Rock and Lounge in her arrangements, over which her soulful, rich and versatile vocals reminisce of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Gabriella Cilmi and of course everyone’s favourite current Soul diva Pixie Lott. Kaya offers more to the intelligent Pop fan than most of today’s quirky-girl-Popstars though: the moody and meandering Time To Hold displays an impressive vocal prowess; diverse ‘Kurdish meets western popular culture’ influences; and complex and irregular time signatures. Apollo meanwhile is a delightful Lounge track that smacks of sipping screwdrivers at 3am in a smokey Jazz Bar. Prominent walking basslines, drum lines heavy on the crash, and subtle, delicately positioned key and brass licks make this a beautifully crafted track. Perverted Eyes, my personal favourite, is a more driven Rock-Pop track, displaying Edge from U2-Esque guitar work and production, and what sounds a bit like a bluesy Deep Purple-era Hammond Organ. Catchy, poppy and quirky-cool, this track will appeal to all the Amy fans out there, and is easily chart-worthy.

In short boys and girls, Kaya has the talent, the look and the tracks to make some serious progress, and now under management and signed to Out Of Bound Records, who knows what might happen. I just hope that whoever’s in charge gets the ball rolling on a Myspace page and starts realising the vast potential for online advertising, marketing and most importantly social networking! Until that happens though, check out some samples by clicking the image and heading over to her label homepage.


Daisy Dares You

Daisy Dares You


I’m convinced that in the not too distant future I will be saying a big ‘I told you so’ about this girl. At just 15, Daisy Dares You already displays an incredible ear for a catchy Pop track, as Number One Enemy clearly demonstrates. The track opens up like a Tetris theme tune and breaks into a sparse bass ‘n’ bleep verse which really allows Daisy‘s vocal talent and quintessential cockney Nash-esque charm shine through. The chorus is a straight 4/4, lightly distorted guitar driven, simple but anthemic Pop-hook, and I can already hear hordes of teeny bopper fans chanting back the words. And if it ain’t broke… the same formula is used for Talk About The Weather, an equally catchy and endearing soft-Rock track reminiscent of some kind of London-answer to Kelly Clarkson. Daisy Dares You, the self-titled track, and Next Few Minutes are slightly quirkier electronics-infused tracks which nod to Synth-Pop monsters Hello Goodbye and Shiny Toy Guns. Unashamedly Poppy; at times anthemic; always catchy; and undoubtedly endearing – Daisy Dares You definitely has all the ingredients to be a smash… Watch this space!


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