July 29, 2009

Andy Taylor of Night Visions

Andy Taylor of Nite Visions


Nite Visions, comprised of Andy and James Taylor, formed as a result of the collapse of 80’s enfused Electro synth-Pop band The Electric City. Having ditched the bassist and drummer, the Taylors are having a go of it as a 2-piece, with the help of a more than capable backing band, and last night at an intimate gig at the Water Rats pub, King’s CrossNite Visions were warming up for bigger and better things in front of a small but receptive crowd.

Throughout Andy and James’ career, while in TEC and in solo projects, it has always been evident that these boys can write a Pop song, and if these early glimpses of Nite Visions are anything to go by, the Taylors just keep getting better. This short set was brimming with 80’s synth sounds, jagged guitar work, phat with a capital ‘P-H-‘ slap and slide bass lines and Indie-Disco drum beats, over which Andy’s Tom Smith meets Bernard Sumner baritone articulated sensationally catchy and anthemic Pop-hook vocal melodies. And for a relatively new and embryonic line up, these boys were tight, leading many of the industry-types present to comment that the performance was ‘…just like listening to the record…’ which is what you want, right?

Basically, I’d barely heard a note of this band before the performance, and yet on the bus home i found myself singing the songs to myself.. so with these infectious tracks, the support of top management from Supervision, and world class production from Brian Higgins’ Xenomania.. it’s only a matter of time before Nite Visions are huge. There’s not a lot online on them at the moment, so watch this space!


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