August 6, 2009

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder


Seattle-Grunge demi-Gods Pearl Jam are back with a rip-roaring, powerchord frenzy in the form of the Fixer from new album Backspacer. This is a real poppy effort from the Grunge forefathers, displaying upbeat pop-rock 2/4 drum beats, chugging basslines, and a syncopated blues-infused recurring riff. The only real nod to their Grunge routes comes in the form of Vedder’s signature growl, which is still as gravelly and throat-destroying as ever. 

The Fixer is by no means their best work, and certainly doesn’t recapture the genius of albums such as Ten, Vs. andVitalogy, but it is a fun and lively little track which will give UK Grunge-revival bands such as Dinosaur Pile-Up and Japanese Voyeurs a run for their money. Here’s hoping that the next single from Backspacer is a bit more reminiscent of earlier works – with rawer production, heavier distortion, whirlwind blues solos,  fags, JD and plaid shirts. Rawk on!


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