January 21, 2010



So as we’ve all heard, Dappy from N-Dubz was off living up to his name and reputation the other day, displaying his obscene stupidity by sending abusive text messages to a young mother of one. You’ve all heard the story, I won’t  elaborate on the details.

What I will say is that this is a ridiculous abuse of Dappy‘s responsibility as a celebrity to behave reasonably in the public eye and not to promote abusive behaviour and bullying through Social Media platforms. The obvious irony here is that Dappy is a spokesperson and ambassador, as celebrated by Schools Minister Ed Balls, for BeatBullying – the countries leading anti-bullying charity. BeatBullying‘s predominant focus in the current climate is tackling ‘Cyber-bullying’: abusive behaviour across Social Media channels such as Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, SMS and so on. Dappy‘s behaviour therefore is all the more offensive, irresponsible, and perhaps most worryingly of all, stupid!

I guess in this era of barely literate, socially inept, Neanderthal-esque celebrities, who feel socio-politically activated, influential and justified whenever their management company wheels them out at a charity gala or benefit drive, we have to remember a few things.. Celebrities are not like us: they live in a bubble. When they need something done, their management assistant, tour assistant or PA will do it for them. When they fuck up, their PR team is on the phone to every physical format / online publication, TV show and newsroom to clear the air, or a spokesperson will utter some well-timed, immaculately worded and completely insincere apology.

So should we be mad at Dappy? Probably not. He is completely and blissfully oblivious to the real world. I can’t even imagine he has the rudimentary tools necessary to understand the irony of this whole situation. We should be mad at the system which allows celebs like Dappy to make these glaringly hilarious, yet dangerous faux pas: the management and labels that buffer from the outside world, the hordes of drone-like fans that nurse their fragile and massive egos, and most despicable of all: the necessity for every charity and community cause to waft a fat cheque in the faces of celebs in order to gain a shred of publicity and to reach the youngest demographics.

Rant over.


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  1. Tim Talbot said

    Its a shame. Cos he’s actually genuinely a nice bloke. Just been caught doing a RIDICULOUSLY stupid thing.

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