Kojo of Clement Marfo & The Frontline: Thanks for the blog!! The rest of the band is loving it! You’re quite a wordsmith! Liking it. Scrolled down and read the rest of it! Loving it!

Mike of The Mission District: I just wanted to thank you personally for coming out to the show and havin a good time. Really, really appreciate your kind words about us in your writeup, and I dig your site as well. By the look of it, you’ve got an obvious flair for free-associating referential bands, and journalism in general. Badass.  But yeah, hope you can maybe make it out to another one of our shows soon. Again, much obliged sir!

Daisy Dares You: oh wow what a cool blog, thats awesome that your diggin it, thanks for the positive blog man, hope your good x

Bob ‘Dogboy’ Rafferty of El Dog: We appreciate the review. One of the best we’ve ever had. We all jumped around a lot when we read it.

Brian of The Dykeenies: Cheers for the review dude! I’ll pass it on to our press! Ha nice one slick!

Rasmus of Tiger Lou: Thanks man! It means a lot!

Pete McColl: Insane blog, love the tunes at the bottom of the page. finally someone with a great taste of music and a way of promoting it without boring the shit out of us! will recommend to others, pete.

Dave Trovato: Sick review…just got my 2nd disc in the mail yesterday. Can’t wait to listen to Jeniferever, going to Pandora them now. And you were right, i was hooked by a pop-y song, bought the disc and liked better.

Tim Talbot: Loving the writing Mr. Wren.



One Response to “You Said..”

  1. Keep up the good work Mr Wren. The reviews are dope. PEACE!!

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